University Counselling

At TES, we assign each student an advisor to guide them through their academic and co-curricular programs. It is a process that begins when you enroll our program until you are successfully settled in a university of your choice. The advisor assists students to design and review their study plan as well as career development to ensure our students achieve their academic goal and succeed in life.

Workshops & Events

TES offers many different activities to enrich the students’ understanding of our world and instruct them to shape a better future. Students can volunteer and go on school trips to develop their lifestyle skills and their vision of a good career path for them.

TES takes students on a university tour across Ontario, getting an in-depth understanding of each school’s campus culture and environment. It provides a chance of an early start and interaction with various university admission officers and help with students’ future planning.

To give our students a better idea of what the industry is like, we hold workshops with guest speakers from the top 500 Enterprises in the world. The workshops enable students to interact with top professionals from various fields, experience the corporate culture in North America. It serves as the foundation to identify the interests of individual students and decide their field of study when applying for university.

TES teachers lead students to immerse and enjoy North American culture and lifestyle by participating in off-campus activities. We visit Wonderland, Niagara Falls, Toronto Raptor’s games, the Blue Mountain ski resort, Parliament Hill in Ottawa and many landmarks in Canada.

Future Career Support

There is no end to the path for great learning experiences and outcomes. We do not regard admission to University as the end of education. By contrast, we provide continuous support to our graduates. We are proud to see that our graduates not only enter the world’s top universities with outstanding achievements, but also adapt quickly to the intense demands of study and demonstrate their expertise and abilities in their workplace in the future.