North America Elite Program

The North America Elite Program prepares exceptional students to be outstanding candidates for the world’s best universities, where they can grow their full potential and excel in their lives in the future.

Designed for students who have finished Grade 9, the program combines high academic standards, experiential learning and global awareness – the balanced characteristics that in applicants.

Our distinctive program provides one-on-one consultation with each student to determine his or her goals, strengths and interests. Based on the consultation, the academic counsellors design a personalized study plan for each student. 

The approach aims to help our students be granted admission to their choice of program at their dream universities upon their graduation. 

The academic consultation with students and parents helps to determine the study plan best fit for each student and provides the foundation to guarantee our international students successfully enter the world’s Top 30 universities.

This comprehensive program covers intensive language instruction, credit courses, career development consultation, internship opportunities, and the pre-university courses with a variety in the choice of majors. Students registered in the program is eligible to attend instructions delivered by professors from world’s prestigious universities, internship opportunities to the Top 500 companies in the world, as well as mentorship with the senior students from different majors.

International English Program

Improve your English for Academic Purposes

The Intensive English Program is offered online and offline. The Intensive English Program is designed for international students or professionals who want to improve their academic English language skills among a dynamic and diverse group of students. This program aims to enhance the skills, fluency, and confidence you need to communicate effectively in English. You will improve your overall abilities in both spoken and written English, as well as your understanding of the cultural diversity in Canada.

You can expect to improve your English in the following ways:

Communicate more confidently

Speak more accurately and fluently

Improve your written English

Expand your vocabulary

Improve your understanding of grammar

Socialize and network with greater confidence

Academic English Language Skills:

This multi-skills course focuses on core language skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.  Upon the completion of the course, you can expect the following outcomes:

Read, discuss and write about dynamic issues

Create projects with international students

Investigate Canada cultures

Investigate Canada cultures

Improve revising and editing skills

Increase your reading comprehension and analytical skills

Study literature and learn to write critically about it

Participate effectively in academic discussions and presentations

Expand your knowledge through presentations and videos

Practice American English pronunciation

Conduct oral presentations on topics of interest

Application Information

To apply, review the application requirements for international students, and fill out the application form.  In order to participate in active discussions and interactions, all students are expected to be beyond the beginning level of English acquisition.

Summer Program

What Is a Pre-University Summer Program?

Summer programs provide high school students with opportunities to explore their academic interests and spark new passions. They also allow high school students to get a taste of college life and meet other students from all over the world.

A pre-university summer program offers high school students the opportunity to take classes at a college and experience college life during the summer. Most programs range from one to seven weeks long.

You can take programs that focus on a number of diverse subjects, such as writing, leadership, entrepreneurship, and engineering. Many summer programs offer both residential and commuter options. Students can stay in dorms with their peers or commute from home if they live close to campus.

In addition, not only are students able to take classes from college professors or visiting scholars, but they’re also able to listen to lectures from alumni and participate in social activities.

Some pre-college summer programs are open enrollment (anyone can attend), while others require admission through an application process. The selective programs typically require teacher recommendations, application essays, and standardized test scores.

Admission Information

Find Admission Requirements and comprehensive services:

Apply online

Download the registration form and email us once you have completed the form.
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Admission Requirements

Check the requirements before you apply:

  • Applicant’s transcripts of two recent years
  • English proficiency proof
  • Recommendation Letter

One-Stop Service Center

After you registered with TES, there must be a long To-Do list in your mind: document preparation, accommodation, visa application, and etc. Our one-stop service center provides students with comprehensive services covering every aspect and every single service international students need to succeed in their endeavor to study abroad.

Don’t panic! We got your back!

All you need to do is contact our One-Stop Service Center for inquiry.

  • Airport Pick up and drop off
  • Newcomers Settlement Service
  • After class learning support
  • Visa application
  • Accommodation & Homestay
  • Guardianship Assistance